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BBN offers a full complement of agency resources through our team’s own services and strategic partnerships with local marketing, PR, and advertising experts. Together, we assist clients in developing a brand that is cohesive and effective. Each partner has been hand-selected because of their excellence in their field of expertise. They each bring 10+ years of experience with clientele ranging from small local businesses to large national accounts. Our team personally works with each partner to oversee and support the execution of their portion of the project.

Services Include: Logo Design, Print Collateral, Website Design + Development, Email Marketing, Video Production, Photography, Paid Digital Marketing, Public Relations, Social Media Design + Management, Content Creation, Copywriting, and more. 

Brand Strategy

Set a solid foundation for your new or seasoned business by deep diving into who you are, what your bring to the table, who you serve, and what your message is. By working through each of these things we can tailor your visuals, messaging, and customer/client experience so that it is not only unique to you, but done so in a consistent manner. 

3-4 Weeks

A solid brand executes all elements of their branding—visuals, messaging, and experience—consistently and repeatedly so there is no questions in the customer’s mind what they receive by choosing you over the competition.

With our brand strategy process, we help you set a foundation by deep diving into the why behind your business (brand story, core values), gain clarity on who you are serving (ideal client profiling), identify your unique value (brand benefits, market positioning), and overall message (communication goals).

By understanding these things, you can create targeted content that speaks directly to the right audience, addresses what they are wanting help with, and tells them what you uniquely offer that can solve their problem.

Each client walks away with a PDF strategy guide that can be distributed internally so each team member, contractor, or vendor understands and aligns with your strategy.


Brand Identity

More than just a logo, your brand identity is a full complement of visual tools designed to help your audience identify you.

4-6 Weeks

Starting with our questionnaire and Pinterest exercise we get a sense of what you are drawn to. While you are working on your homework, we are doing competitive research to see what your industry is doing. This gives us an opportunity to guide you toward what works best for your industry while still