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Five Reasons You Should Hire a Designer


A blog basically explaining why you NEED me!

I know these days there are a ton of ways to DIY your own logo or have one made on the cheap. There are websites that sell premade ones (ETSY and Creative Market), websites that allow you create your own with ease (Canva) and my least favorite, crowd-sourced design services (99Designs and Fiverr). I totally get it. Low prices are attractive to the small business owner. Hiring a brand designer is a big investment, and in reality, you would rather spend those beaucoup dollars on a new pair of Jimmy Choo’s. But let’s talk about why making the investment is actually worth it, what you are paying for and why these other alternatives are just bad knock-offs. Really let’s just talk about why you need me in your life!

1. I’ll Reign You In

Just like a clothing stylist is going to tell you “girl, that outfit is tacky AF” I can tell you what works and doesn’t work for your brand. One of the biggest problems that I encounter with clients is the “kitchen sink syndrome.” What the heck does that mean? Well, it means when you start going through Pinterest looking for inspiration for your brand, you start wanting to include #allthethings in your logo and branding. All the fonts, all the colors, all the icons. Basically, you are trying to throw every dish you own into the kitchen sink.

When working with clients, I help them to refine and narrow down the elements, fonts, and colors that will be used through an initial mood board process. If my client starts to veer off course again during the design process, I schedule a checkpoint call to help bring them back down to reality and explain why adding things is a BIG mistake.

2. I’ll Make Sure You’re One-of-a-Kind

I can help you create a one-of-a-kind logo and visual brand that no one else has. Generally speaking, when you purchase a logo from ETSY, Creative Market, or another pre-made site, you may be getting a logo on the cheap, but at the cost of having the same logo as a ton of other people. It’s kind of like walking into a room and seeing someone else in your same outfit. You don’t want to be twinkies with another brand because when people see your visual branding, you don’t want the other person coming to mind. People are visually associative, so make sure that you and your brand are only ones associated with your logo.

3. I’ll Make Sure Your Branding Makes Sense

One of the biggest missteps that I see people make when DIY-ing their logo is that they create one that makes absolutely no sense for their brand. I recently saw someone post a rebranded logo with an icon that made no sense for the industry they were in and had no relation to their business name. Keep in mind that your logo helps your audience connect with you with just a glance. You have seconds to make a good first impression, so if you’re walking around with a poorly done logo, it’s like a bad outfit, people are going to look at you and make a harsh judgment. Or worse, none at all, because your logo isn’t memorable. If your logo makes no sense for your industry it may be hard for people to connect with you. Here’s an example: let’s say you are a fancy-schmancy wedding planner, but you have a logo that is done in an ultra hip font…what are people going to assume about your services? They are probably going to assume that you are a macrame-weaving, hemp eating wedding planner…not the elegant, twinkle light-loving planner you are.

I can help you make sure that your logo and visual brand matches what you want your audience to see, feel and experience.

4. I’ll Provide Consistency & Save You Time

How much time do you have to spend on your supporting collateral?

Your print, web and social media graphics are like the accessories you layer on last. And since you’re a busy gal, these graphics probably don’t get a whole lot of consideration because “you ain’t got time for that.”

Am I right?

Let’s say you have the time, do you have the ability to design all these things?

If you’re one of the few who knows how to build a WordPress site, then “you go girl!” Or if you can make your way around Canva with ease, then…“yay!” The average entrepreneur either doesn’t have the time, ability or desire to make all these things. So stopping fighting the good fight and instead, let your girl “handle it” like Olivia Pope. That way, you can just sit back and chill with a big ‘ol glass of red wine—or work on things that will actually make you money.

5. I’ll Make Sure You Have Everything You Need

Back in my agency days, I had a client who purchased a logo off of a crowd-sourcing website (*cough* 99Designs *cough*). The client then came to us to create his collateral. Unfortunately, the only logo file he could provide was small and not editable. This client couldn’t go back and ask for the original design files for his logo, so I had to rebuild it…boo hiss! So not only did this guy spend money the first time for an unusable logo, but now he had to spend more money to have it rebuilt correctly. Y’all seriously! Pay a little extra to get it done right the first time! As your designer, I will provide logo files that are technically formatted for print and the web. I also provide editable vector files in the EPS file format, this allows other designers, printers, and vendors manipulate the files easily. As a seasoned designer, I have the 411 on what file types and resolutions work best for each medium and can optimize your logo to produce the best quality. Plus, I am not some random designer that you won’t be able to reach after our time together. If at any point after our initial project you need something, I am ALWAYS here to help.

Need me to resend your files? No problem! Heck, I provide you with a Google Drive folder that you can ALWAYS access.

Don’t know how to resize something for a specific project? Yo, your girl is here!

Whatever you need, I always want you to come back to me and ask. I’ll always try to help you out…this isn’t just a one-time thing…let’s make this a “best friends forever” sitch!

I could probably list a ton more reasons why you need me, but I won’t bore you. Instead, let’s chat! Send me a message via the contact form. We can schedule a virtual coffee date or if you’re in my part of the world, I’ll take you out for a glass of champs and further convince you why hiring a designer is awesome!

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